Palm Desert Suicide Cleanup Narrative

Call my telephone number on any day at any hour for Palm Desert suicide cleanup services or information. I encourage you to ask questions. I have over 17 years in the biohazard cleanup business cleaning after suicides. Whether you choose to use my services or not, I will answer your questions about cleaning and even help those Palm Desert families that choose to do the cleaning.

Reasonable Rates - Most Palm Desert homeowners' insurance policies will often cover our cleaning expenses, if needed.

We are here to help. Our cleaning experience includes military trauma cleanup, crime scene cleanup, and filthy house cleaning. We are compassionate and discreet, and will help reduce the anxiety created by a death scene.

Palm Desert Suicide Cleanup Prices - Usually less than $1,000.

A violent suicide by high caliber weapon may cause my price to reach as high as $1,500. Otherwise, my suicide cleanup prices range anywhere from $500 to $950.

My Palm Desert suicide cleanup prices are fair and reasonable. My prices reflect the cost of doing business as a service provider. What makes my service different from my competitors is that I do my own cleaning. Whether I work alone or with help, you can rest assured that you receive guarantees for both price and cleaning service.

You can choose to pay by cash or check. You can also choose to use your homeowners insurance; homeowners insurance is covered in some situations. You may wish to speak with your homeowners insurance adjuster before hiring a Palm Desert company for suicide cleanup services.


In brief, I guarantee my work and price.

Once I know the the room or rooms involved in the suicide cleanup, I have a pretty good idea of the cleaning task ahead. In truth there's a lot that can happen, but there also limits to what can happen. It's important to know if suicide cleanup will take place on the first floor or second floor, for example. The difference could be important. It's important to know if a bathroom more bedroom is involved as well. In no case is a crucial matter, though.

Palm Desert residents do not face some of the death cleanup issues that residents in other states encounter. For example, I have worked at suicide cleanup in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And in the summer months I can tell you that a suicide cleanup quickly becomes an advanced blood cleanup and decomposition cleanup.

There's a mighty difference between a suicide cleanup that occurs in a Palm Desert home in one that occurs in a Baton Rouge home in July. At least Palm Desert has dry air to work with, desert -like dry air. Whereas, the southern states in the some of their summer months have high humidity. Even states like Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and even New Jersey have I humidity and this creates problems when it comes to suicide cleanup task.

You have a written guarantee before work begins via email. Small Claims Court's in California have honored the timestamp and email address given on in America Online (AOL) email as a valid contract. For services.

More generally, I guarantee my price and I guarantee my work. I do not change my price once I reach the scene, except when the death scene description left out important information. Although it is common for callers to leave out information because they really have no idea what they're looking at in terms of the debris field, it's very rare that I change my price. Much can go wrong in this type of cleaning, but very rarely do descriptions exceed what I anticipate, in any case.

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Meaning of death scene cleanup

When we use the phrase death scene we're talking about several were more possible definitions. In the case of a suicide, the death scene will most nearly mean the place of death and material soiled by the type of data.

In practice this means that anything soiled by blood becomes biohazardous a must either be cleaned and disinfected or disinfected and destroyed for removal from the premises. In either case, "site reduction" means blood reduction by removal from objects. Objects may include clothing, bedding, mattresses, furnishings, carpet and carpet padding, toys, and other materials. Blood soiled floors and walls allow for blood removal by scrubbing and rinsing. In some cases it may call for removal of pieces of wall or pieces of flooring.

In a more general sense, a death scene consist of what I mentioned above and areas beyond the death scene itself by the responsible parties definition. In such cases, a biohazard cleanup company will go beyond the death scene and perform other cleaning services. In this case, homeowners insurance is usually paying the bill.

Unattended death cleanup in Palm Desert --

In many cases a suicide occurs when the suicide victim's alone. Given that the suicide victim lives alone, there death is considered "unattended death" and becomes a Sheriff-Coroner's concern for this reason as well as the suicide itself.

Most important for the suicide cleanup practitioner, information that an unattended death went without notice for some time, over 24 hours for example, relates that other issues besides the suicide cleanup are at hand. This sort of information becomes important in Palm Desert because temperatures and spring and summer months reach 90° and above. High temperatures lead to a greater migration of fluids and decomposition issues.


Blood and death odors are not dangerous to inhale. They are offensive even to the practice biohazard cleanup practitioner, but they do not generally cause illness other than nausea for the inexperienced. I bring this matter up because some biohazard cleanup company representatives tell family members that blood and death odors are dangerous. They either do this, I suppose, to enhance their chances of receiving your business, their lien, or they simply do not know better.

The idea that these odors could possibly cause illness and disease went out by 1880 throughout Western civilization as the germ theory of disease quickly spread throughout hospitals and enlightened communities. The theory of "miasma" prevailed before the germ theory of disease. He goes back to the early Middle Ages and was used to explain everything from the common cold to the black plague. Of course the day we know that it is fiction at best.

This is not to say that diseases like tuberculosis cannot spread by sneezes and coughs in public places. We know for a fact that some airborne pathogens cause illness and disease, but not in the case of suicides or suicide cleanup efforts. Suicide cleanup entails working with blood-borne pathogens, and blood-borne pathogens can be destroyed in part or in whole by an application of a strong bleach and water solution if not other chemicals.

At times I wear a respirator because I simply do not want to deal with the odors arising during suicide cleanup.. I know that after an hour or so the the death scene odors will begin to dissipate as I remove blood soiled materials from the open air. I know to that these odors will remain even after I left the premises in many cases. I know that these odors will slowly go their way as rooms and homes are ventilated with fresh air.

In some cases I may add a sealer to once blood soiled floors and walls to help the odors dissipate. After 15 years in the biohazard cleanup business I believe I proven many times that blood and death odors do not cause illness or disease.

We are fortunate that Palm Desert's desert climate helps dry out moisture quickly. This is important when it comes to suicide cleanup; however, the desert heat may exaccerbate blood and death odors following a suicide left unattended for too long. It's better to clean after suicides sooner than later, even in Palm Desert.

I have cleaned in other desert climates besides Palm Desert. I have done suicide cleanups in Phoenix, Arizona as well as Mesa, Arizona. In New Mexico, I have worked at suicide cleanup in the high desert mountains, which has taken two days and longer because of conditions. Odors following suicides can be remedied with thorough cleaning and removal of blood soiled materials, in any case.


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I offer the Palm Springs area reasonable rates for my suicide cleanup services. It's usually better to request suicide cleanup services as soon as possible in the Palm Springs area. Desert heat causes blood and death odors to become powerful in a short time. You might open windows if you do not have an air conditioner. If you have an air-conditioner, turn it to low. This way, bacteria slow their growth. Bacteria quickly begin to off-gas when in the heat. Blood and death odors then permeate fabrics, carpet padding, and even wood objects.

`Sometimes people wish to leave a window open, which is not a bad idea in winter months. However, in the warmer months, the blood and death odors become quite powerfull Neighbors may begin to complain. Probably the majority of suicide cleanup tasks that I have worked in Palm Springs were contracted by real estate management companies.

Since they may not have anyone on-site, once a window is open, it stays open.
This leaves neighbors in a tight situation. It's bad enough that they must deal with these odors, but they do not know who to alert. So yes, close the windows in the summer and spring months. Use the air-conditioner until I, or other suicide cleanup practitioners can reach the scene.

How long does it take me to reach her suicide cleanup scene?
The time of day that I receive a call for suicide cleanup will help me decide if I can clean on the same day. If I received the call later in the day, it might be hard to reach the scene in any timely manner. Traffic being what it is and I am coming from Orange County. Usually, I schedule next day suicide cleanup work.

I am punctual. I am punctual because I leave the clean suicide hours before expected. What I do is I find the address early in the morning before the sun rises. Then I find a Home Depot or Denny's parking lot sit and relax or reading a book or newspaper. Before the scheduled time I had for the cleaning address and promptly knock on the door or rang the bell at the desired moment.

Once the responsible party answers the door, I handed him my business card. I enter and look at the scene and decide what I need to work. I returned to my vehicle and then gather the required tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions. I followed this routine for 17 years, and it's worked well to give me to every suicide cleanup scene at the desired time.
Only on those days when I'm occupied can I not respond immediately. And sometimes it's not necessary to have an immediate response.

The Riverside County Sheriff-Coroner's investigator not clear the scene right away. This can take anywhere from a day or two to months. So even when people do call me to clean the next day, neither they nor I are allowed in the building. At least not until the suicide has been investigated and cleared for cleaning.

I say that I have "reasonable cleaning fees" because of the suicide cleanup, I am "cheap" compared to my competitors I've been told. More than once, California residents of asked me why my suicide cleanup fees are so much cheaper than my competitors. Whereas they charge thousands of dollars, charge hundreds. It is a rare day when I go over a thousand dollars.

When I do charge additional for a Palm Desert suicide cleanup, it's because of a double suicide or a suicide with a high caliber weapon or shotgun.

Even some shocking suicides do not cost over a thousand dollars; there are occasions when they must cost as much as $1500 or more. The damage from the shotgun suicide may be so extreme that involves what we call "top to bottom, 365." It means that all four walls, ceiling, and the walls were soiled by blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). The blood and other effluents must be cleaned in the area disinfected. Sometimes it must be sealed with a paint sealer. I to go on but no point in the time.
Some Palm Springs History
By 1860 Southern California stage lines were underway and doing well. We know that in 1860 the San Gorgonio Pass became very important as a single-stage line operated throughout the year. Passengers traveled from Los Angeles to Fort Yuma through the valley. In those days Yuma was an important place because of mining. It was the headquarters for young and old miners trying to strike it rich. The course suicides were part of the adventure. In those days, there was no welfare state and when somebody got hurt, it is up to their friends and neighbors to care for them.
Because of the strict rules of desert life, friends and neighbors always willing to help one another. So suicide occurred more frequently than you might think. Morphine and other painkilling drugs are not available whiskey and opium sometimes supplies, but overall, broken leg rendered back could lead to an early death via suicide.
Travelers to these desert headquarters went through the pass at their own risk, then. The stage station anyone interested in visiting the Palm Springs area to do so. Since the travel through the San Gorgonio Pass where a gentleman by the name of Smith grated ranch, the area of Whitewater became strategically crucial for travelers. Whitewater is about 15 miles from banning. Established by Frank Smith in 1860, Smith would build a ditch to carry water from the Whitewater River to his ranch. Cottonwood trees were planted along with other horticultural related projects. Other areas of Riverside County would begin to bloom; then migrants would slowly make their way in the Palm Springs. It was from the Whitewater station that the stage Road to Palm Springs. Here are the local Indians had their camp.