Palm Springs Suicide Cleanup Narrative

For Palm Springs suicide cleanup service or for information, please call my telephone number on any day at any hour. I encourage you to ask questions. I have over 17 years in the biohazard cleanup business doing suicide cleanup work. Whether you choose to use my services or not, I will answer your questions about cleaning and even help those families that choose the clean after a suicide.

Reasonable Rates - Most homeowners' insurance policies will often cover suicide cleanup expenses when structural damage occurred. Visit my Los Angeles blood cleanup page for more information related to suicide cleanup.

We are here to help. My cleaning experience includes military trauma cleanup, crime scene cleanup, and filthy house cleaning. We are compassionate and discreet, and will help reduce the anxiety created by a death scene.

Palm Springs Suicide Cleanup Prices - Usually less than $1,000.

A violent suicide by high caliber weapon may cause my price to reach as high as $1,400. Otherwise, my suicide cleanup prices range anywhere from $500 to $950.

My suicide cleanup prices are fair and reasonable. My prices reflect the cost of doing business as a service provider. What makes my service different from my competitors is that I do my own cleaning. Whether I work alone or with help, you can rest assured that you receive guarantees for both price and cleaning service.

You can choose to pay by cash or check. You can also choose to use your homeowners insurance; homeowners insurance is covered in some situations. You may wish to speak with your homeowners insurance adjuster before hiring a company for suicide cleanup services.


In brief, I guarantee my suicide cleanup work and price.

Once I know the the room or rooms involved in the suicide cleanup, I have a pretty good idea of the cleaning task ahead. In truth there's a lot that can happen, but there also limits to what can happen. It's important to know if suicide cleanup will take place on the first floor or second floor, for example. The difference could be important. It's important to know if a bathroom more bedroom is involved as well. In no case is a crucial matter, though.

Palm Springs residents do not face some of the death cleanup issues that residents in other states encounter. For example, I have worked at suicide cleanup in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And in the summer months I can tell you that a suicide cleanup quickly becomes an advance decomposition cleanup.

There's a mighty difference between a suicide cleanup that occurs in a Palm Springs home in one that occurs in a Baton Rouge home in July. At least Palm Springs has dry air to work with, desert -like dry air. Whereas, the southern states in the some of their summer months have high humidity. Even states like Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and even New Jersey have I humidity and this creates problems when it comes to suicide cleanup task.

You have a written guarantee before work begins via email. Small Claims Court's in California have honored the timestamps and email address given on in America Online (AOL) email as a valid contract. For services.

More generally, I guarantee my price and I guarantee my work. I do not change my price once I reach the scene, except when the death scene description left out important information. Although it is common for callers to leave out information because they really have no idea what they're looking at in terms of the debris field, it's very rare that I change my price. Much can go wrong in this type of cleaning, but very rarely do descriptions exceed what I anticipate, in any case.

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Meaning of suicide cleanup

When we use the phrase death scene we're talking about several were more possible definitions. In the case of a suicide, the death scene will most nearly mean the place of death and material soiled by the type of data.

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In practice this means that anything soiled by blood becomes biohazardous a must either be cleaned and disinfected or disinfected and destroyed for removal from the premises. In either case, "site reduction" means blood reduction by removal from objects. Objects may include clothing, bedding, mattresses, furnishings, carpet and carpet padding, toys, and other materials. Blood soiled floors and walls allow for blood removal by scrubbing and rinsing. In some cases it may call for removal of pieces of wall or pieces of flooring.

In a more general sense, a death scene consist of what I mentioned above and areas beyond the death scene itself by the responsible parties definition. In such cases, a biohazard cleanup company will go beyond the death scene and perform other cleaning services. In this case, homeowners insurance is usually paying the bill.

Unattended death cleanup in Palm Springs --

In many cases a suicide occurs when the suicide victim's alone. Given that the suicide victim lives alone, there death is considered "unattended death" and becomes a Sheriff-Coroner's concern for this reason as well as the suicide itself.

Most important for the suicide cleanup practitioner, information that an unattended death went without notice for some time, over 24 hours for example, relates that other issues besides the suicide cleanup are at hand. This sort of information becomes important in Palm Springs because temperatures and spring and summer months reach 90° and above. High temperatures lead to a greater migration of fluids and decomposition issues.


blood and death odors are not dangerous to inhale. They are offensive even to the practice biohazard cleanup practitioner, but they do not generally cause illness other than nausea for the inexperienced. I bring this matter up because some biohazard cleanup company representatives tell family members that blood and death odors are dangerous. They either do this, I suppose, to enhance their chances of receiving your business, their lien, or they simply do not know better.

The idea that these odors could possibly cause illness and disease went out by 1880 throughout Western civilization as the germ theory of disease quickly spread throughout hospitals and enlightened communities. The theory of "miasma" prevailed before the germ theory of disease. He goes back to the early Middle Ages and was used to explain everything from the common cold to the black plague. Of course the day we know that it is fiction at best.

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This is not to say that diseases like tuberculosis cannot spread by sneezes and coughs in public places. We know for a fact that some airborne pathogens cause illness and disease, but not in the case of suicides or suicide cleanup efforts. Suicide cleanup entails working with blood-borne pathogens, and blood-borne pathogens can be destroyed in part or in whole by an application of a strong bleach and water solution if not other chemicals.

At times I wear a respirator because I simply do not want to deal with the odors arising during suicide cleanup.. I know that after an hour or so the the death scene odors will begin to dissipate as I remove blood soiled materials from the open air. I know to that these odors will remain even after I left the premises in many cases. I know that these odors will slowly go their way as rooms and homes are ventilated with fresh air.

In some cases I may add a sealer to once blood soiled floors and walls to help the odors dissipate. After 15 years in the biohazard cleanup business I believe I proven many times that blood and death odors do not cause illness or disease.


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When I first became a suicide cleanup practitioner, I did a suicide cleanup in Palm Springs for a vacationer. A gentleman had committed suicide after learning of a death a close family member. So he became too upset and committed suicide in his motel room. The bed had become soiled with blood. As a result, I had to reduce the blood in the motel mattress before removing it from the premises. This was my first Riverside County suicide cleanup, in fact.

Usually when people come to Palm Springs on vacation they're thinking of fun in the sun." Usually people want to vacation so that they will have everlasting stories to tell their friends and families. They want their acquaintances to know they've been to this hot desert paradise.

Usually vacations are fun and when the last ideas we have in our mind is a suicide let alone suicide cleanup.

Following this first suicide cleanup in Palm Springs, I received fairly regular calls for suicide cleanup services in Palm Springs for about two years. Then, they stopped. I mean they stopped completely. No matter what I did to advertise my Palm Springs suicide cleanup services, I received zero calls for help. It did not take much to figure out what happened. It happened across the United States and county corners departments. Corners' employs have a monopoly over suicide victims families in terms of referrals. They control the Palm Springs suicide cleanup brokering business, that is.

So what is the "suicide cleanup brokering business"? Because of the Riverside County Sheriff-Corners department monopoly over contact with suicide victims families, they have the wherewithal to direct families to select Riverside County suicide cleanup companies. So this means tha Palm Springs families are manipulated by Riverside County Corner investigators. Riverside Conunty Coroner's employees simply direct families to Palm Springs suicide cleanup companies.

This type of cronyism occurs throughout the United States. I know because at one time I was a crime scene cleanup broker for the entire United States, minus the Hawaiian Islands in Alaska. I received calls on Sunday mornings Miami Beach, Florida were suicide cleanup services. I referred these to Florida suicide cleanup companies, especially those representing Miami Beach.

More, over the coming years I would clean after suicides in 23 states besides California. I have driven as far as Baton Rouge, Louisiana to do a suicide cleanup. I have driven to Butte, Montana for unattended death cleanup work. I once drove my van to Washington DC to clean up after a mass murder.

Sometimes while on the road to do suicide cleanup, I would receive calls to do suicide cleanup in other states. When happened is this: as my brokering business shutdown because of the corner employees cronyism, I took calls for myself; hence, the traveling to work at suicide cleanup nationwide; more, I gave the low bid on these suicide cleanup tasks!

And this is how I learned about cronyism in Palm Springs suicide cleanup activities. But I'm back now, at least as far as advertising my Palm Springs suicide cleanup services. I do not expect to find much work in Palm Springs because of the Riverside County Coroner cronyism. But, there is some hope. Occasionally real estate people will call me for suicide cleanup in a rental apartment, condominium, or house. At times people realize that they're being cheated by county employees because of the outrageous price quotes.

Then, at times, the referred suicide cleanup companies simply assure homeowners that they will not charge them anything, and then they will take care of the entire homeowners insurance process. In this way they set the stage to bilk the Palm Springs insurance companies and they do to so for thousands of dollars.

Homeowners insurance drives the suicide cleanup business, then. Homeowners insurance pays thousands of dollars for a suicide cleanup. It happens, that I only charge hundreds of dollars, by the way. And this is why I have management companies that stay with me as I approach my second decade of suicide cleanup throughout California.

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Some Palm Springs History

Settlements throughout the major geographical landmark known as the San Qorgonio Pass in what is now Riverside County and settled in the 1860s. Palm Springs which is nestled close to the somehow central mountains, was about 5 miles from the Palm Springs railroad station. At the time it was isolated from the rest of the world. The town was in the midst of a religion rich in historic floor. Palm Springs had its unique features us today.

In those days the town was obviously named after its namesake, the Warm Springs which bubbles from the sand in the center of the village. It was also surrounded by palm trees. The old stage line used to pass through this place reviewed by the Indians as a village and camp site. Even earlier immigrants use the campsites because of the availability of water in the crystal clear water springs. It was on the trail for wagon parties that came through the San Gregorio pass as early as 1853.

The Palm Springs area as a resting spot amazed travelers in the early days. The presence of this desert spot with the towering palm trees and breast-feeding water sources were lifesavers at times. In fact, one story has it that a partnership of young minors were saved from suicide by stumbling across the spring fed palm trees. It is not a fact generally known that the giant palms exist many points on the desert. At times they signal the presence of water, but not often enough for all travelers throughout the desert.

So we know that many Indians made this place their own. The government created a reservation on the land and it was good. It was named after the place called "Agua Caliente," or Hot Springs.

By the middle of the 1980s the gringos began to take interest in the possibility of raising early fruits. They found this oasis ideal with its warm evening, cool mornings, and super hot afternoons. It was great for growing fruits. Palmdale which was 3 miles east of Palm Springs also grew fruits, but it cannot compete with Palm Springs. Farmer committed suicide because of his failure to compete with the Palm Springs fruit growers. Suicide cleanup was simple enough for those who found the young man. Once his body had been removed and buried, a gentleman from Palm Springs visited the suicide saying and shovel dirt over it. The blood-soaked ground had already dried out because of the sun's ultraviolet rays power in the dirt and sand absorption of suicide victim's blood.

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Meanwhile, the company Riverside capitalist gain control hundred 60 acres attempted to build a town in the area. They had planted 100 acres of oranges and got the water from the Whitewater River by means of an open stone ditch. This was a capital-intensive project led to many of the trees dying. Grapes were later planted.

To the chagrin of fro growing competitors and the light of local Palm Springs business owners, the capitalist company built a narrow gauge railroad from the line of the Southern Pacific and built a fine ranch house. Eventually the project gradually dwindled in importance, but still, the company managed to bring interest to the area. Unfortunately for the company, they lost about $100,000 and the failure of their plans. Keep in mind, that in the mid-1800s hundred thousand dollars was a lot of money. These days there's very little sign of the spot as a sign of real interest in earlier days. The trees are dead and gone. Sad.


For a number of years in line marked the former course of the railroad along with some railroad ties. A few does little railroad cars remain for many years into the 20th century.

It was BB Barney of Riverside County that started a ranching project near Palm Springs about the same time. His place was named the "Garden of Eden." Here there is water for his ranch that came from the Andrea's Canyon. I have her, properly along to the engines and was returned to the engines. The ranch felt as a result.

Continuing, Palm Springs was for a time and place of some note because of the ability to produce the earliest grapes in the country for Chicago markets. It may seem odd how Palm Springs grape growers could manage to get fresh grapes all the way to Chicago markets, but they did it. Notwithstanding the heat, they found innovative ways to market their grapes. Water for irrigation of the grapes in the land was brought to the town an open ditch. It was carried about 15 miles from its intake at the Whitewater River. This is near the old spur of the hills called Indian point to Palm Springs. The cost of maintenance of the stitch prove more and more expensive than the landowners cannot handle it. Sam washed into the ditch the river remain a constant problem. Finally, the project fails is unprofitable. But the Riverside entrepreneurs march forward anyway.

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By the 1890s about 350 acres of grapes, eggs, apricots and oranges were in existence in this area. Most of the orchards and vineyards are now deserted, although a small quantity of fruit as yet raise. In management of the fruit industry do not mean the entire abandonment of the town, for as the years went by the fame of the springs, and a Palm Springs climate, a person suffering from throat and lung disease became wider. So it should be no surprise that Palm Springs became known as a health resort.

By 1893 this little oasis of a town with its palm trees and springs became home to ranchers, to stores, a post office, hotel, Palm Springs Hotel, much of it owned and operated by Dr. Wellwood. A small church would be built in a few years but never did receive a regular pastor. Life was tough in this desert town even with its palms and Spring water. Then in about 1895 a small schoolhouse was raised and maintained for many decades following this time. Misnomer remained in the Palm Springs area for his remaining days.

Now, Palm Springs receives much of its tourist trade from its hot springs which is on government land, that access to them as grant of the residents of the town and Taurus. Many large palms, peppers and cottonwoods, planted years ago, remain beautiful for the longest time, which added to the comfort and pleasure of inhabitants of Palm Springs.

Family members and friends of suicide victims sometimes visit Palm Springs. Frequently they look for lodging at budget and moderate price ranges. Prices will range by the season in many cases because Palm Springs receives a high influx of tourists in the spring and summer months. As a rule of thumb, visitors can spend about $130 per night. So 130 $250 per night would not be unusual Palm Springs hotel expenses.

Families may want to contact the travelers lodging accommodations before finalizing their itinerary. Some cities in the area impose additional taxes or hotels. So it's important for families to double confirm their prices so that they do not go over budget. I'm pleased to offer my suicide cleanup rises or reasonable rates compared to my Palm Springs suicide cleanup company competitors.

Of course families and friends will need to dine in the Palm Springs area if not adjoining cities. Websites for Palm Springs restaurants can be found online by simply visiting Bing or Google. Even a GPS will often times offer restaurant selections for Palm Springs city.

Visitors to Palm Springs will find that this area, as noted by archaeologist, was once known as habitat for the Cahuilla (pronounced Kaw-we-ah) Indians. These were the aboriginal people of the Palm Springs area going back thousands of years. Archaeology found artifacts from these tribal people in Tahquitz Canyon. These artifacts show the Indians belief system respected sustainable ideas.

To this day, not only in Palm Springs, but in the entire Coachella Valley visitors will find relics from these Palm Springs Indians. These were created people and resilient. They made use of desert plants for food and shelter. Even their clothing and medicine came from the desert plants. Even the desert palm known as the Washingtonia Filifera desert dwellers sustain themselves in and otherwise inhospitable environment.

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To this day we can find evidence of this tree use for creating sandals, baskets, for food, and even roofing material in their homes. For centuries they lived and succeeded at life will blending in with their natural environments.

Today as we drive from the city of Palm Springs and on to the local highways we can see the desert as a harsh and unforgiving land. Summer heat in the Palm Springs area can reach 125°F (51°C). We can expect to find fewer than 4 inches of rain throughout the year., The desert provides and we will find Lauren on a do well in the desert as did the early Palm Springs native population. This low desert supplied plants like agave, cat's-claw, mesquite, and palm trees. Even the yucca tree is found in this area.

It may seem hard to believe, but even antelope were found in the Palm Springs area. Coyotes fat on checkmarks, lizards, mice, and even rabbits.

As elsewhere in the world, we find that as elevation increases in the Palm Springs area, plants and animals change with landscape. Desert trees are soon replaced by not bearing trees and the pinion and oak trees are found in the cooler climates in the mountains near Palm Springs. Families visiting the area following the death of a loved one may wish to find quiet and comfort in the hills and mountains near Palm Springs. Of course, it's important to stay near the roads to avoid unforeseen accidents and incidents with the wildlife.

At 9000 feet above sea level with temperature changes to a much cooler climate. You can expect to find more rain and snow in this our altitude. At one time, the area was populated my mountain lions and bears. The native Indians roam these areas in search of food. They had to deal with earthquakes, droughts, heavy winds and flash floods. Life was hard. Flyers were not uncommon to the area as plant life thrived and then burns as is the nature of California wildfires. Some five years ago at this writing three California firefighters lost their lives in the hills fighting and wildfire.

We know that native peoples throughout North America were trading across the continent thousands of years ago. And they native Palm Springs Indians were no different. They bartered with neighboring Indian nations like the Serranos to the north and the Deiguenos (San Diego) to the south.

It was the Catholic monks that became known to the Palm Springs Indians early on. By the 18th century this banners had made progress crossing what is now the state of California. Missions were built from San Diego to Sacramento. The Catholic months from going to evangelize and bring a Cahuilla to see their ways as superior.


Visitors to Palm Springs are sometimes confused by the literal meaning of the word "Palm Springs" in the context of the city. Often times it is used to refer to the entire Coachella Valley. The Coachella Valley is approximately 35 miles in length. Nine cities were created within the boundaries of the valley. These include Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral city, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, Locke went there, India, and of course, Coachella. These nine cities constitute a large part of Riverside County, we find.

The tourist season for the Palm Springs area is known as the "season." This season begins in October and continues through May because of the cooler, but still warm winter months. Palm Springs is a great place to spend Christmas, for example.

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