Riverside County Suicide Cleanup Narrative

Over 2,200,000 people now reside in the fourth most populous county in California, Riverside County. It is the 11th most populated county in the United States and growing rapidly. This populations more than high enough to sustain a suicide cleanup business.

Also known as the in land empire along with San Bernardino County, the counties included in the Los Angeles County Long Beach combined statistical averaging programs. Riverside County has a high concentration of crack houses that began dotting the land soon after World War II. The county is intersected by interstates 10, 15, and the 215 freeways.

It's a rectangle shape County in Southern California and borders the Arizona border. A high desert climate in eastern and and central portions of the county are also found Mediterranean climate-like conditions. We find the Joshua tree national Park in this area and it becomes very hot in the summer, reaching 130° on the surface. Suicide cleanup by nature in this area takes place quickly.

The resort towns of Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Rancho Mirage, in Desert hot Springs add to the summer like fun during winter months at times. Riverside County has served as a host to many Los Angeles County residents in search of a retirement home. Known as one of the fastest growing regions in the state, people are moving from the San Diego Metropolitan area into the counties.

The cities of Temecula and Murietta experienced 20% growth rates between 2000 and 2007. Even fruit orchards introduced in the area over a century ago are now being revitalized by newcomers. Not only apples and oranges that a heavy influx of South American avocado trees are growing in orchards.

Even fruit orchards introduced in the area over a century ago are now being revitalized by newcomers. Not only apples and oranges that a heavy influx of South American avocado trees are growing in orchards.


Banning has a population of over 29,700 people and interestingly, in March 1992 they live in Laguna Niguel insurance executive at her 22-year-old lover were found dead in a motel room in Riverside County. Investigators wanted to know whether the double suicide was somehow linked to an earlier killing. The bodies of land Houston, 44, and Arthur Montes of Santa Ana on nearby beds and were discovered by a motel made at the Banning Travel lodge.
Beaumont has over 37,000 residents.
Canyon Lake
Cathedral City
Corona has over 154,000 residents and has a medium income range of 75,000 dollars..
Desert Hot Springs
Indian Wells
Jurupa Valley
Lake Elsinore
La Quinta
Moreno Valley
Palm Desert
Palm Springs

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Rancho Mirage
A Riverside County Sheriff Deputy was critically wounded during a traffic stop. We must remember the Riverside County Sheriff's deputy who was shot in the neck on January 1, 1996. He suffered near critical wounds that ended his career. His attacker later committed suicide in his own home. We don't know who handled the suicide cleanup.

San Jacinto City residents were saddened to learn news that a San Jacinto Valley resident had committed suicide on July 29, 2009. A well-known Riverside County Sheriff's investigator committed suicide in a him it motel. Known as Kevin Duffy age 51, he was placed on administrative leave effective January 15 of the same year. He became the focus of a criminal investigation by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, although he had yet to be charged with a crime.

Investigators could not describe the nature of the allegations against the experience Sheriff's deputy, other than siding that an ongoing investigation was under way and that they were not obliged to release information at this time. Mr. Duffy had been with the Sheriff's Department since 1982 and had most recently started working out of the Heme station in Valle Vista.

By all known accounts, the suicide came as a shock to those you know Mr. Duffy. He Mr. Hall related that he met Mr. Duffy at the Riverside County police activities league in Heme He claims that Mr. Duffy made a big difference in his law enforcement life as he did that and others new to law enforcement in Riverside County.

A motel made at the motel believe that the resident of the room remain quiet during his short stay. Nothing occurred in the motel room outside of suicide cleanup indicating that anything unusual occurred.

Even before suicide cleanup began in this agreement motel, several colleagues of the noted deputy claim that a "innocent man, does not commit suicide. This is not true. We have no idea what goes on in the mind of anyone suicide victim. Some people just reached the end of their tolerance for persecution. The state treasurer of Pennsylvania 1987 shot himself in the head because he could no longer tolerate the false charges against him.

A former rear Adm. known as Charles Butler McKay III committed suicide after years of mental health issues related to the loss of kinship and action in 1945. Because rescue efforts were delayed in many United States sailors were lost at sea, he blamed himself. The United States Congress exonerated the now deceased Adm. in 2000. So the deputy may have committed suicide were no real reason as far as we know. The remains for suicide cleanup psychological profiling to dig deeper into the matter.

A Temecula US Marine Captains was found slain in his Temecula home.






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I make a point to arrive for suicide cleanup one to two hours before the appointed hour. Often I arrive a 5 a.m. I prefer to begin a suicide cleanup at 7 a.m. or earlier. I am flexible, though.

Once at the address, I punch "Denny's" in my GPS. Once inside the restuarant, I prefer to sit with my line-of-sight directed to my van. Often I read the local Riverside County paper. Comments on local driving conditions, Riverside County's local politics, and Riverside County weather for the day gain my attention.

I also spend time reading my suicide book, which is my way to pass time and find content material for writing. You see, while in college as a sociology student, I read how Email Durkheim would single-handedly play a major part in creating "positivism" as it applies to sociology. Sociology studies human behavior in groups as well as suicide; suicide sometimes reflects a group's influence over individuals.

Suicide is a social fact. There's no denying its existence. It readily provides information to study in a socialogical manner. It is not "metaphysical." Suicide is a stark, unforgiving social fact and easily quantified for statistical analysis.

So I spend time reading about suicide causes suicide and so forth. Before long I was engrossed a book entitled Man Against Himself, by Karl A. Menninger, 1938. In this text he talks about the motives leading to self-destruction. He also talked about causes of "accidents" which were really unconscionably "purposing.*

He found that the paradox of a propulsive accident and its paradoxical nature. He comments on how the layperson still gets to the bottom of this idea, "accidentally on purpose." This phrase signifies some part of an accidental suicide.

An on purpose accident might begin with a simple spilling of salt breaking mirrors. A lost wedding ring might signify a cognitive bias towards life. These events are sometimes taken seriously, but today they are no longer considered or specific interpretation. Menninger commented about the philosopher Zeno and how he had fallen down and broken his thumb. So ipressed by this "accident" he was led suicide at age 98. Menninger suggests that we might guess that the unconscious meaning of the accidental fall in the following suicide. He notes that a conscious deception will not apply to this type of on purpose accident. It is unconscious.

The ideas of suicidal behavior are more deeply hidden and suggest purposes at work, we might surmise.

But, we know that the elderly, isolated, alienated, ill, and without hope of a new circumstance, sometimes commit suicide. It's an easy way out and better than suffering.